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Amora was on a custom website platform, but began feeling the restrictions and development requirements for any new marketing features. Amora Coffee turned to electrIQ Marketing, a premiere Shopify agency, to help it migrate to Shopify Plus and reap the benefits of the platform’s extensive features. While building the brand’s new site, electrIQ emphasized the importance of customer reviews, so they referred Amora to Okendo to take advantage of Okendo’s integrations with Klaviyo, LoyaltyLion, and Attentive. These integrations enable the brand to host a comprehensive rewards program and to solicit reviews via email and SMS, ultimately increasing Amora Coffee’s AOV, conversion rate, and community loyalty faster than it could with its original website.

relative increase
in Conversion Rate

relative rise
in AOV

39% increase
in Review Generation via SMS

Have you ever tasted what coffee is supposed to taste like? Many DTC and in-store coffee brands ship their products between multiple distribution centers before they reach their destinations, diluting their quality and compromising a delicious coffee experience. Amora Coffee doesn’t stand for this: founded in 2011, Amora set out with a mission to bring freshly roasted coffee directly to American customers’ doorsteps, allowing them to enjoy what coffee (and tea!) is meant to be before it sits on a shelf or changes hands between various intermediaries. To achieve this goal, Amora exclusively sells online.

Connecting Reviews, Rewards, SMS & Email Marketing

“A brand’s biggest asset is always its customers, and that’s especially true for Amora Coffee. Because they sell exclusively online to guarantee freshness, and therefore particularly benefit from customer-led marketing, we recommended Okendo because there’s no better tool for leveraging customers’ opinions, loyalty, and networks to grow an ecomm business.”

Brandon Amoroso, Founder, ElectrIQ Marketing

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Amora Coffee chooses to sell online because customers can taste the difference when freshly roasted beans are delivered to their doors instead of degrading while sitting on a supermarket shelf for long periods of time. However, one caveat of not selling in stores is that growing Amora’s brand presence entirely depends on online methods and word-of-mouth marketing. This necessity made customer reviews integral to Amora’s strategy because shoppers are more inclined to trust fellow consumers than brand marketers.

“Customer reviews are essential for spreading brand awareness and inspiring shopper trust,” says Jim Fosina, CEO of Amora Coffee. “We can promote how great our coffee tastes all day long — that’s what consumers are used to from other brands — but shoppers won’t believe what we say unless they hear it from their peers and try it for themselves.”

Amora Coffee’s Review Request Emails boast a 64% open rate and a 4% review rate, which is admirable for a company so new to Shopify. More impressively, the brand’s referral email flow has a 19.5% success rate, indicating the number of friends-of-customers who decide to become customers as well. It’s SMS performance is enviable, too: Amora Coffee’s review generation grew by 39% in as few as two weeks after first implementing Okendo’s Attentive integration into its marketing strategy because it can easily reach customers where they’re most engageable — their mobile phones.

New shoppers who discover Amora Coffee organically have access to testimonials published on individual product pages, too. Though they weren’t referred by a friend they know in real life, they can see past customers' opinions on individual product pages and identify which reviews are most relevant to them with Okendo Attributes. Amora collects data on its coffee’s quality and strength, along with customer information like how they brew their coffee and what they drink it with. These Attributes help shoppers find specific beverages aligned with their tastes and affirm DTC roasted beans are, indeed, better than store-bought alternatives.

With Attentive SMS and two automated Klaviyo email flows in action tied to Okendo reviews and LoyaltyLion rewards, ElectrIQ Marketing has helped Amora Coffee quadruple its relative conversion rate and grow its average order value by 216%. Okendo’s integrations enable Amora to extend and enrich its post-purchase experience, keeping customers engaged well after they’ve tasted their first sip and motivating them to share their satisfaction with their friends.

Amora Coffee didn’t want to end at customer testimonials, though. The company wanted a way to fully leverage the efficacy of customer-led marketing, which meant it needed something that marks the status of any reputable brand: a rewards program.

Leaving a review is worth several points as well, so Amora Coffee needed a way to integrate its rewards program with its review provider. ElectrIQ Marketing knew that this couldn’t be just any platform — it had to be Okendo due to its integrations with LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, and Attentive that could streamline review generation and reward distribution. Though these apps exist independently, the combined power of all four enables Amora Points to be a predominately self-running program. Fiona Stevens, Head of Marketing at LoyaltyLion, says:

“Amora Points is a vital part of our business. It’s an excellent way of incentivizing our customers to spread the word and express our appreciation when they do. For example, whenever someone refers a friend who makes a purchase, they both get ten dollars. Subscribers get twice as many points per dollar spent. Liking us on social media is worth a few points, too. All of these opportunities to earn discounts encourage repeat purchases and grow our audience,” Jim Fosina explains.

“It’s never been more important to capitalize on the feel-good moment of customers leaving a high-star review. We’re thrilled to be working with best-in-class technology partners Okendo, Klaviyo, and Attentive to help brands like Amora Coffee turn existing customers into a highly engaged acquisition channel.”

Turning Customers Into Brand Advocates

ElectrIQ Marketing helped Amora Coffee implement a seamless review solicitation and reward process. Whenever a customer makes a purchase, they receive an email from Klaviyo or an SMS message from Attentive offering a reward in exchange for leaving a review and a few extra points if they include a photo or video. If that review is positive, they receive another email or text asking if they would like to refer a friend for even more substantial rewards.

“Klaviyo and Attentive are powerhouses of ecommerce email and SMS marketing,” remarks Brandon Amoroso, Founder of ElectrIQ Marketing. “By setting up complex flows that Amora Coffee doesn’t have to manage manually, they drive a reward-and-referral program that gradually wins over new customers and retains old ones like a ripple effect. It’s a great way to inspire brand loyalty and encourage customers to become advocates.”