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Born Primitive felt they could do more to power up their customer marketing strategies and leverage their loyal customer base. They weren’t getting as many reviews as they’d like, and weren’t able to display reviews in their customized Shopify theme. The brand teamed up with Okendo and Foursixty to enable them to sprinkle compelling reviews and Instagram content throughout the sales funnel.

74% increase
in UGC Generation Rate

3.3x increase
in PDP Conversion Rate

60% reduction
in Tech Costs

Born Primitive offers workout apparel for athletes of all sizes and skill levels, designed to perform in those critical moments when the battle is won — or lost.

Leveraging a loyal and engaged customer base

“The setup process with Okendo and Foursixty took a day, which was insane. When we were thinking about moving to a new platform, we thought our reviews would be down for two weeks or more because there would be so much coding on the backend.”

Carsyn Brownell, Customer Growth & Ecommerce Manager

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For the Born Primitive team, fitness is a way of life. Self-described as “not just another brand that makes apparel”, they have built a community of people who embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.

Born Primitive’s
loyal and engaged following of customers were eager to share progress pictures — the brand just had to figure out how best to use this customer-created content.

“When you’re selling fitness apparel, everyone’s body type is different. Being able to see the items on everyday people and how it fits is extremely important” explains Carsyn Brownell, Born Primitive’s Customer Growth and Ecommerce Manager.

But Born Primitive repeatedly hit the same integration issue with their previous provider, meaning it was impossible to showcase customer content throughout the buyer journey. For a brand that relies on its personality and peer recommendations, this was a huge no-no.

“Okendo and Foursixty were so accommodating and worked hard to understand what my pain points were, and how to provide solutions,” explains Carsyn.

“Often, coding would be displayed on our site and show errors in the review section. Obviously reviews are vital for customers thinking of making a purchase, so it was crucial for us to find a platform that would alleviate that stress,” says Carsyn.

Born Primitive soon realized it couldn’t let valuable customer content sit on the sidelines anymore and raced to sign up Okendo and Foursixty as the brand’s digital personal trainer.

At last, Born Primitive could implement star ratings and reviews and display personality-filled customer photos at all key moments in the buying cycle. The brand could fully customize widgets with Okendo and, through the advanced email engine, encourage reviews from loyal customers through a multi-step intelligent email flow.

But the
Foursixty integration really tipped the balance. It allowed Born Primitive to showcase Instagram content throughout its website and even display star ratings for products tagged in Insta photos.

Sharing customer experiences throughout the sales cycle

“We had been with our previous platform for so long, it was a pretty intense decision to make. At that time we had over 10,000 reviews, so we had the stressors of whether they would switch over correctly or whether it would be worth it,” says Carsyn.

At this point, Born Primitive found its review program was underperforming and UGC was trickling in slower than gym memberships in December.

The Born Primitive team were frustrated that they had less collateral at their disposal throughout the buying journey, but were hesitant to migrate the program to a new provider in case they lost existing reviews and UGC. And they were worried about losing time and money implementing a new solution across their five sites.

The switchover was speedy and seamless and, most importantly, the brand didn’t need to invest in a costly migration service and lost zero data in the process.